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6 Things you Should Know About Psychics

Author: J Camerlin

1. How do you define a good psychic reading?

A good reading is defined as:

- combines accurate insight with practical advice

- fosters faith and inspiration from you

- encourages self-examination

- highlights your gifts and abilities

- respects your free will

2. What's the difference between intuition and psychic ability?

Intuition is commonly thought of as a strong feeling, instinct, or gut reaction. Intuition is usually more accurate than we realize, but it can sound fuzzy or unclear like hearing someone talking in the distance. Everyone has intuitive feelings, but as a culture we've trained ourselves to ignore them.

Psychic ability is the refined use of intuition. It is more active and precise. Psychic insight requires you to focus your intuition without the distraction of random thoughts. This requires practice, trust and, very often, training.

3. What is the best way to test a Psychic?

Testing the psychic could be a bad idea for a number of reasons. First, if you put a negative intent on the reading from the beginning then you might just get negative results. Another reason is that you are wasting money and time- your time and the time and energy of the psychic.

There's a many people going around playing "stump the psychic." They only block their own reading, and defeat the purpose of the reading. A reading is a divine interaction between those in a search for truth. It works best in an atmosphere of love, trust, mutual respect, and sharing.

A good reader will be honest with you and tell you what they can and cannot do. They will try to give you the best reading they can, tell you the truths that they perceive. They will honor and respect you, and recognize the sacredness of your exchange with them.

4. How can I tell a real psychic from a phony psychic?

A real psychic will never ask you to say more than your question, your name, your birth date, and the names of people or places you are asking about. They will not request any other information from you. Should someone try to pump you for more information than those mentioned, then you know that they are not a legitimate psychic.

5. How will a phony psychic try to defraud me?

Usually a phony psychic pretends to see something that can be corrected with an "expensive" psychic cure! As an example:

- a fraud may say there is a curse over you, even though there is no such thing as a curse

- frauds may also say that your aura or chakras are blocked, and that they can unblock them with some "energy work"

- a fraud may also advise you to buy a candle to burn for an outrageous amount of money

- any psychic who claims to be 100 percent accurate is a definitely a fraud

6. How do recognize a scam when you hear one?

A large high percentage of scam artists posing as psychics, so it is advisable to know the signs when your reader may be questionable:

- the reader gives you vague answers

- the reader has a no refund policy

- there is no contact information available when online

- it is a new business with no references or testimonials

- the pricing is comparatively high to other psychics


So, are psychics real?

The number of fake psychics most likely out number the so called real psychics. As the old saying goes, "one bad apple to spoils the barrel." However to answer this question, it all depends on who you talk to. As a personal note, my sister and niece have been to psychics and they've come back with some amazing stories about how the psychic revealed names and events that only my sister and niece would know.

You can look at it this way, if you are willing the pay a psychic for their services and you are satisfied with the results, then you just answered the question yourself.

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