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Who Is Giving Psychic Readings A Bad Name?

Author: Frederick Gimino

Giving a psychic reading requires much more than being able to write a book, be on a talk show, or make outrageous claims. Giving a high quality psychic reading requires innate ability, compassion, and common sense.

The innate psychic ability present in all of us is more apparent in some then others. It is believed that heightened psychic abilities may be passed down from generation to generation often running in families. Heightened psychic awareness allows for an accurate psychic reading by allowing the reader to fine tune into the spiritual realm.

In addition without compassion for the individual receiving the reading the psychic reader can easily cause more harm then good. For example since psychic readings can never be 100% accurate with a high confidence interval for precision giving a reading that states someone is in emanate danger does not only show lack of compassion but lack of morale fiber.

However, with the right level of compassion a psychic can be an invaluable force for good. Providing closure for example when the psychic reading recipient has a love one pass or their relationship comes to an abrupt end. The level of responsibility and accountability for the psychic should be no less than any other expert advice giver.

Although there are no laws dictating morale or ethical obligation for a psychic to provide sound counsel every spiritual advisor should adopt a morale and ethical code. When developing a code of conduct some topics to address would be confidentiality and appropriate advice.

Obviously confidentiality is an important concept because unless a person is threatening to hurt themselves or others as advisors we should treat their personal information with decorum as they are confiding their deepest most intimate feelings and issues to us. For example to write a book about the psychic readings you have given, in the past, without that individuals express permission is a gross ethical violation of that individuals expected right to confidentiality. I feel that pop talk show psychics are the worst when it comes to this area of ethical conduct.

Appropriate advice issues pertain to whether or not you should give a psychic reading and what if anything you should disclose. During the course of your advice giving career many will come wanting you to impart insight into the spiritual realm. The question then becomes should you. It is not always ethical to use your gifts to give advice especially if the person may benefit more from psychological counseling then a psychic reading. Essentially you must no when to say no. Disclosing information is also something that should be looked at carefully. Weighing the risk versus the benefit of disclosing information during a reading should always come to mind before imparting advice. Essentially think before you speak and avoid blurting out your reading.

Finally, use common sense. If an individual is becoming dependant on psychics to live their lives refer them to an appropriate 12-step program for addictions. Preying on the mentally ill and weak is what has given the psychic community such a bad name over the years. In addition if you feel your reading may not be the most accurate make sure you tell the individual that lest they make a decision based on your advice that initiates a catastrophic event in their lives.

So, barring the pop psychic talk show groupie book writers who claim to know everything an honest compassionate psychic reading can be given by most spiritualists. Keeping truth, compassion, ethics, and morality in mind a psychic should be able to give quality advice with compassion, accuracy, precision, and confidence and help restore the good name of quality psychic readers across the world.

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