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Feng Shui health tips can make a significant change in the quality of life

by Amit Bhalla

The core areas of our lives are health, wealth and relationships. If we can successfully manage these significant areas then we shall be surrounded by peace and prosperity all around. However, at times we need that added edge to help us sort out our lives properly and this is where Feng Shui plays an important role. This ancient Chinese practice of balancing the male (Yang) and female (Yin) energies and the elements of wind, water, fire and earth can bring about great changes in an individual's life. Such energy and vibes surround us at all times and Feng shui teaches us how to diminish the negative while enhancing the positive energies in our living space. One area that is greatly benefited through this practice is the health aspect of our lives and Feng Shui health tips can make all the difference to the way you lead a healthy life.

In Feng Shui health, the centre or heart of our homes is considered to be the area representing health. Further subdivisions extend to include the centre of every room as the health area. How we decorate this area, the way objects are placed, the colors used, and the overall decor of this zone, decides the positive or negative effects on our spiritual, physical and mental health. Feng Shui health gives special consideration to the living room and dining room as they play a significant role in deciding our health matters. Placing quartz crystals along with healing stones in the living room can significantly enhance the positive energies and healing vibes of any home. Even the throw rugs you use for these rooms should be in earthy colors such as yellow or browns. For added decoration, you could place earthen or stone objects in these two rooms under the guidance of Feng shui health.

It also helps to follow simple tips of day to day living and incorporate them into a regular part of your lives like keeping the toilet lid covered and the bathroom closed at all times. This helps to prevent the positive energies from flowing out of your homes. Candles and incense burners are a good way of attracting positive vibes and ensuring a healing atmosphere in your house for all its inhabitants. In Feng Shui health tips, it is helpful to keep the statue of Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess of health, compassion and mercy, in a significant area of the house.

Amber is especially potent as a healing gemstone and you could try hanging a bead of amber from a light or fan in the centre of the room. Displaying books on health and good living can also activate and enhance the sense of well being and good health. However, before applying or incorporating any of the Feng Shui tips, it is advisable to consult a professional Feng Shui consultant, as a miscalculation might cause more harm to the individual. Therefore, once you are determined to bring about a positive change in your life in areas of health, wealth and relationships, you could reach out for Feng Shui to perfectly balance your life

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