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Spell success for your life with easy Feng Shui career tips

by Amit Bhalla

The main aspects of a person's life are health, wealth, personal relationships and career. Although catering to different sides of a person's personality, the four have an interconnectivity that regulates our life. Among all the career section is the most difficult to manage, as it depends not only among us but also on other individuals who may not even be aware of our existence. A job, for instance, will depend on the interviewer, you in turn will not even know about you, till the time you actually show up for the interview. Feng Shui career tips can help you in influencing these uncontrollable factors through the perfect balance of energy, vibes and elements. A little guidance can then help you sort out your career and life with the maximum ease.

A person's birth date can help to calculate the ruling number for his life, which is known as the kua. According to this number you will be able to determine the lucky and unlucky directions for you, which in turn will be related to the various aspects of your life. If you want to apply Feng Shui career tips, then it is important for you to know your success or sheng chi direction. Once that has been determined, it is advisable to sleep with your head pointed towards that direction to achieve overall success. You can also make better business decisions if you sit facing a direction that is favorable for you. Feng Shui career tips can also help in activating positive energies around you that will help you better deal with office politics, back stabbing by colleagues and the recognition for your hard work.

Some of us may go through our work life, feeling that we never achieve results to do justice to our efforts. A certain blockage seems to be undoing our every move and in this scenario, Feng Shui career advice can greatly benefit the individual. The water element is considered to be good to activate career luck. Under Feng shui tips, one could keep a water body like an aquarium or a fountain towards the northern part of his home or office. The aquarium can contain either goldfish or a terrapin turtle to activate his career luck. The more active the fish or the turtle the better will it be for one's career and job. However, before activating such luck, it is advisable to reconsider the fact whether you are ready to deal with such excess of energy.

Feng Shui career tips make use of simple rearrangement of furniture or objects around our living space, to enable the energy or chi to move around freely. Colors and elements that can be enhanced or reduced from certain corners of a room can work wonders in activating our career luck. Feng Shui is also a practice that emphasizes on the visual aspect of any object. If an object looks good, chances are that it will be good for you. Therefore, use pictures or colors that make you feel good about yourself and use the right tips to give you a successful career.

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