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Author: psychic sarah

Why do we dream?

Introduction by Psychic Sarah

A question we all ask ourselves. Why do we have nightmares? some people say our dreams are affected by the food we eat before bed others say it's you dream of your current situation. The truth is there is no answer for why we dream some believe we dream not only to rest but to delve into our subconsciousness to bring up the emotions we run daily from.

"To achieve the impossible dream, just try going to sleep"
Joan Kelempner

In our dreams we are confronted by our past demons and your true feelings. In a dream sometimes you feel helpless like you are running but not getting anywhere just like the reality of our lives sometimes. In life you can run away from your real self but In dreams you are forced to face your problems head on. Have you ever woken up from a dream only to be positive It really happened? so many people ask me these sorts of questions so I thought I would try to answer these questions.

"In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life, too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness, especially when under the influence of repressed or other unconscious complexes" Carl Jung

Our dreams have symbols sometimes have you ever noticed this? it can be anything just something that stands out and you remember when you wake up. Symbols In your dreams can be very important to you and your life In general. There are so many different meanings for dream symbols but the best way to get a answer to why you dream of certain things Is to follow your intution that will give you the clearest answer possible.
When you dream some people believe when we dream that Is when we can come Into contact with our guides or angels".

"Dreams preceeded speech" Anon

Types of dreams:
Psychic Dreams (also called Precognitive or Prophetic)

Are dreams that foretell the future. A theory to explain this phenomenon is that our mind, while in a dream state, can bring together pieces of information that we may ignore in waking life. Our subconscious mind uses this opportunity to reach us in a place we will listen.

Signal Dreams
Can be interpreted as a sign to take notice of problems you are facing and make immediate decisions in order to resolve them in your waking life.

Epic Dreams (Cosmic or Great Dreams)
Are vivid and undeniable dreams that can't be forgotten. Such dreams usually contain various archetypical symbology. When you awaken, the memory of these linger with you and you feel as though you have discovered profound about yourself and the world. They are truley life changing experiences.

Lucid Dreams
These are vivid dreams where the individuals knows they are dreaming. The dreamer is able to control the course of the dream.

Answer dreams
Delivers the answers you have been asking yourself in the waking world.

Tips on how to remember your dreams:

Make a conscious decision to remember your dreams. Before you go to sleep repeat this to yourself.
Wake up slowly. While still lying down, keep your eyes closed and allow the dream to run through your mind.
Keep your dream journal in the same place everyday so you donít have to scramble to get it.
Write down every detail of your dreams that you remember

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